Below you can read a selection of items that may be of interest. If you want further information feel free to download the pdf following.

Red Cross Red Crescent Human Formation

Red Cross Red Crescent Human Formation

Recently 4 representatives from MDSI (Fatin, Sana, Sherilyn and Willa) joined 796 other Red Cross supporters in creating a spectacular human formation of the red cross red crescent emblems on the steps of the Sydney Opera House. The rain didn't dampen the girls spirits and if you look very closely you might just see them at the very top of the red crescent.


Download Red Cross Red Crescent Human Formation

Profile.Id Community Profile - Campbelltown City

Profile.Id Community Profile - Campbelltown City

Community Profile on Country of Birth data derived from the Census question "In which country was the person born?"


Download Community Profile - Campbelltown City

The Break Through Youth Employment Mentoring Program

The Break Through Youth Employment Mentoring Program

The Break Through Youth Employment Mentoring program has recently completed its sixth year of operation in the Macarthur region and is looking forward to continuing its support of young people and its engagement of the business sector, with a further two years of Federal funding from the Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs.

Download Service Profile

MDSI Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2012

MDSI Celebrates National Volunteer Week 2012

May 14 -18 was National Volunteers Week. National Volunteer Week is the largest celebration of volunteers and volunteerism in Australia, and provides an opportunity to highlight the role of volunteers and to say thank you. The theme for this year was “volunteers – every one counts”.

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Sydney Women’s Fund - Priority Projects 2012

Sydney Women’s Fund - Priority Projects 2012

The Sydney Community Foundation’s Sydney Women’s Fund was founded upon a strong vision; we are working towards a community where all women and girls are able to achieve their full potential, live without fear or discrimination, and fully participate in everything this city has to offer.

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Australian Competition & Consumer Commission - Consumer Guarantees Awareness Campaign

Australian Competition & Consumer Commission - Consumer Guarantees Awareness Campaign

Since 1 January 2011, you have the right to ask for a repair, replacement or refund if goods or services you buy have problems. If you would like to find out when your rights apply, click here.

The 'Repair, replace, refund' information is available in Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Dari, Dinka, Greek, Italian, Khmer, Korean, Persian, Serbian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese

Download Brochure

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Writing For Life

Writing For Life

The “Writing for Life” project is aimed to provide Refugee and Migrant Women from Arabic speaking backgrounds the opportunity to share feelings and life experiences in their own language, or in English. The women met every fortnight, where they participated in different educational forums and women’s health workshops.

The project is a joint initiative between Campbelltown Public School, NSW Department of Education & Training, Campbelltown Office and MDSI.

If you would linke to view and read the book, both in engligh and arabic formats, you can either download the pdf document below, or view an Adobe Flash ‘flipbook’ version by visiting

Download Book

Report on the Rural-Urban Settlement in Macarthur & Nepean Regions

What services are there for people from CALD backgrounds in Macarthur and Nepean regions? Are these services CALD supportive and friendly? Who are the new and emerging CALD communities that live in Macarthur and Nepean regions? What are their concerns, hopes and needs? To date there has been no systematic appraisal of the needs of migrants in these regions by DIMIA, indeed relatively little research has been conducted on the experiences of small and emerging communities in Australia. Acquiring information on the needs of small and emerging groups as a whole is often difficult given the unique issues facing these groups. This coupled with the challenges in gathering data from areas as large and diverse as Macarthur and Nepean means that needs analysis and service planning can be a complex process.

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Profile of Macarthurs CALD Immigrant Communities

This Profile is a tool for individuals and services to use in order to gain a picture of the true diversity of the Macarthur region, and to be able to learn more about the specific cultural makeup of their area. With this knowledge workers will be able to consider all diverse groups within the geographical area they cover and develop strategies to promote equal access to their services for all members of the community.

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Macarthur Settlement Planning Committee Statement

To plan and implement strategies to ensure a regional holistic approach to settlement needs of migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants in Macarthur.

This committee is open to all who are interested and concerned for the well being of the newly arrived and emerging CALD communities, particularly migrants, refugees and humanitarian entrants.

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Good Practice Principles

This Good Practice Principles Guide is a tool to assist services with limited experience in working with refugees, to provide responsive and consistent services. This Guide is not prescriptive but recognises the uniqueness of the experience of refugees and how this might impact on them when accessing services. This Guide identifies three core values 1) understanding, 2) trust and 3) social justice and access and provides practical action plans and case studies to demonstrate why Good Practice Principles are important to all service providers.

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National Roundtable for Nonprofit Organisations

There are as many as 700,000 nonprofit organisations in Australia, most of which are small and entirely dependent on the voluntary commitment of members. To read the statistical analysis of the nonprofit sector in Australia, download the pdf below.

Download Fact Sheet

Multicultural Recipes

We have some fantastic multicultural recipes available in one neat document to download below.

Download Recipes

National Compact

National Compact

The National Compact: working together is an agreement between the Australian Government and the not-for-profit sector to find new and better ways of working together based on mutual trust, respect and collaboration.

The Compact was co-created by the government and a broad range of not-for-profit organisations following extensive consultation.

The Compact is based on a shared vision, purpose, principles and aspirations. Implementation of the Compact is focused on eight priority actions and is aligned with the government’s reform agenda relating to the not-for-profit sector and social inclusion.

You can visit the official website at

Download Outline

Smoking Matters - The Truth: What’s in a Cigarette?

Smoking Matters - The Truth: What’s in a Cigarette?

Smoking Matters is a project being piloted through a partnership between The Cancer Council NSW and the Association of Children’s Welfare Agencies (ACWA). The partnership, which is a part of the Cancer Council’s Tackling Tobacco Program, seeks to ‘lift the burden’ of tobacco use on low income and disadvantaged groups by working with community service organisations to assist and support them in the development and implementation of smoking cessation initiatives.

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